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Article: Autry Vintage

Autry Vintage
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Autry Vintage

Sneaker enthusiasts, take note: these iconic kicks are back in vogue.

Autry sneakers, once a tennis staple, have experienced a remarkable resurgence under the guidance of Italian entrepreneurs Marco Doro, Alberto Raengo, and Gino Zarrelli. Based in Dolo, Veneto, the trio rescued the brand from near extinction in the early 2000s and has since transformed it into a global phenomenon. Beyond footwear, Autry has expanded its offerings to include a cozy apparel line. This complementary range perfectly complements the brand's iconic sneakers, creating a cohesive and stylish wardrobe.

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Autry Vintage Sneakers: An Italian Revival

Autry's signature style is characterized by its clean, minimalist aesthetic and vibrant color accents. The sneakers, often featuring all-white uppers or panels in pop hues, evoke a nostalgic retro vibe. Autry's success lies in its ability to blend classic design with modern sensibilities. The brand's sneakers have captivated fashionistas and sneakerheads alike, cementing their place as a must-have in any footwear collection.

Autry, a once-leading American tennis shoe brand founded in 1982, is experiencing a resurgence with a fresh capsule collection that celebrates the urban spirit. This collaboration with New York designer Jeff Staple features a unique blend of fabrics like nubuck, corduroy, and leather, all in a muted color scheme. It reimagines the iconic Medalist shoe while offering a complete look with hoodies, sweatpants, tees, and socks.

Beyond the new collection, Autry boasts a rich history. Known for its innovative designs and top-notch materials, the brand dominated the tennis, running, and basketball footwear scene early on. Even tennis legend Bob Lutz had his own signature Autry sneaker. However, the brand faced challenges in the 2000s, leading to its acquisition by three Italian entrepreneurs who breathed new life into it. Today, under the name Autry Action People, the brand continues its legacy with a focus on vintage-inspired sneakers and apparel, all infused with modern technology. The iconic Medalist received a 2019 makeover, while the Dallas and Open models pay homage to Autry's American roots and tennis heritage.

After success in Asia and Europe, Autry is making a triumphant return to the US market, with further expansion planned for Japan and South America.

Now a global brand with footwear and apparel, Autry is a symbol of style.