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Article: Why Choose Recycled Cotton Jeans? Agolde Has the Answer

Why Choose Recycled Cotton Jeans? Agolde Has the Answer
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Why Choose Recycled Cotton Jeans? Agolde Has the Answer

Sustainable Style: Elevate Your Wardrobe with Agolde's Recycled Cotton Jeans

Citizens of Humanity, AGOLDE, and GOLDSIGN are fashion brands united by quality and sustainability. They own production facilities, use a "cut to order" approach, and partner with innovators to minimize their environmental impact. Committed to continuous improvement, they are excited about the future of sustainable fashion.

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Responsible production: The values of ethical and social sustainability.

Citizens of Humanity, AGOLDE, and GOLDSIGN, though each with their own distinct style, share a core dedication to quality and unwavering standards. This commitment weaves through everything they do. Much of their product development happens in Los Angeles and Turkey, often in facilities they own, allowing them maximum control over quality and a sharper focus on sustainability efforts. They utilize a "cut to order" approach, minimizing excess product by letting customer demand guide production and supply. Thoughtfulness in denim creation is paramount, and they constantly strive to reduce their environmental impact. Collaborating with innovative partners, they continuously evolve every aspect of their process to be as sustainable as possible. While proud of their progress, their true excitement lies in the future and a continued commitment to improvement.

They use innovative methods to process our products. Here are just some of the ways they do so:

Fabrics & Materials: the designers begin by envisioning a product assortment that expresses where they want to go design-wise with an eye on sustainability. They work to source sustainable fabrics which will lower the impact on the environment.

Regenerative cotton farming prioritizes the health of the soil, capturing carbon dioxide from the air and fostering biodiversity. This not only helps combat climate change but also leads to healthier soil and increased cotton yields.

Old clothes become new cotton! Scraps recycled and transformed into yarn for sustainable fabrics

Recycled leather offers a sustainable alternative to traditional methods. RenTec technology takes leftover leather scraps and transforms them into a "leather wool" base. This recycled material combines with polyester to create a final product that retains the classic look and feel of leather, but with a significantly reduced environmental footprint. It uses a whopping 90% less water and waste compared to conventional leather production.

Wash & Dye processes: they use eco-friendly washing and dyeing methods! Green washes and dyes, lasers, E-Flow, and ozone tech replace traditional processes. This reduces water, energy, and chemicals while achieving authentic, vintage-looking washes.

Laser Technology: Recent improvements in laser machinery allow us to mark denim in a much finer way than ever before, achieving even more authentic distress markings while decreasing manual work by 50%. Laser technology also allows us to eliminate usage of any hazardous chemicals.

A greener future: Together, we can create a more responsible and environmentally friendly fashion industry.

Embrace a greener future with sustainable fashion from Agolde