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Sweatshirt for man ONELAB Dragon 007 Black

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ONELAB Designer-In-Training JS is communicating the tension between
'Good versus Evil'. The yellow represents the 'good', whilst the black
represents the 'bad'. JS bled the black into the yellow because he says:
"sometimes the bad takes over the good". Onelab World is a project created in East London to educate and train young people with special needs. Crewneck sweatshirt with small front print and hand-painted effect.


  • Crewneck 
  • Long sleeves 
  • Print graphics
  • Made in Italy
  • Part of the profit goes to Onelab association 
  • Composition: 85% organic cotton, 15% recycled polyester
  • Color:grey


OneLab was created to support children with disabilities or learning difficulties, this is because in the United Kingdom it is one of the most important factors in poverty.
The cost to the public fund in 2011, for the support of a person with moderate difficulties, during the span of his life, amounts to 2-3 million pounds.
Supporting a person with a disability to live a semi-independent life would reduce support costs, by approximately £ 1 million each.
Supporting a person with learning disabilities in the world of work would increase their income by about 55-95%, thus reducing the risk of poverty.
OneLab's solution is to educate young people with special needs: in art and design, in order to acquire a position in society and greater independence.
By purchasing a OneLab item you will be helping young guys with these difficulties.