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The Swedish artist and developer Johan Bergelin, in 2017 decides to learn a twenty-four month long creative process with artisans in Scandinavia, France and Italy which led to the launch of 5 refined perfumes at Colette in Paris.
19-69 is the cult brand of luxury, it focuses on perfumes, creating fragrances suitable for all kinds, which allow the individual to explore a new type of beauty, beyond our borders.
But why 19-69? The name 19-69 stands for freedom, tolerance and counterculture, in fact, the inspiration, according to Johan Bergelin includes several iconic moments of the counterculture throughout history, Art, music and different cultures have also left their mark on products in terms of content , names and packaging. The different colors symbolize a rainbow which in 1969 represented peace and freedom.

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Unisex parfume PURLPE HAZE 19-69Unisex parfume PURLPE HAZE 19-69
Perfumes unisex VILLA NELLCOTE 19-69Perfumes unisex VILLA NELLCOTE 19-69