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Emporio Armani

Giorgio Armani has created a style of which, with great consistency, he continues over the years to explore the countless mutations and possibilities. As an expression of a vision that is precise down to the smallest detail, the Armani style is a style in the authentic sense of the term: a way of being and presenting oneself, certainly made up of clothes and accessories, but also of manners, gestures, attentions and attitudes; a style that goes beyond the sum of its constituent parts, and that goes far beyond what is worn. Convinced that ethics and aesthetics must coincide, Giorgio Armani through style expresses enduring and fundamental values. He does so by creating timeless objects, which pure and essential design, enhanced by precious materials and craftsmanship, subtracts from the fleetingness of passing fashions. Clothes that privilege a fluidity that is as much softness of construction as it is natural and progressive fusion of masculine and feminine codes, to convey a mysterious and personal femininity, and a soft and conscious masculinity.

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