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The passion and desire to experiment, contaminated by a fashion context, led Airam to the creation of beautiful, entirely made-in-Italy, handcrafted carbon fiber accessories, perfect for fashion addicts who are attentive and demanding in terms of performance-product.

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Unisex bracelet FIBRA FINE 1.5 AIRAMUnisex bracelet FIBRA FINE 1.5 AIRAM
Unisex bracelet PYTHONE 1 AIRAMUnisex bracelet PYTHONE 1 AIRAM
Unisex Bracelet FIBRA FINE 2.5 AIRAMUnisex Bracelet FIBRA FINE 2.5 AIRAM
Unisex bracelet FIBRA FINE 4 AIRAMUnisex bracelet FIBRA FINE 4 AIRAM
Unisex bracelet SILK 1 AIRAMUnisex bracelet SILK 1 AIRAM
Unisex bracelet SILK 1.5 AIRAMUnisex bracelet SILK 1.5 AIRAM
Unisex bracielet FIBRA FINE 0.6 AIRAMUnisex bracielet FIBRA FINE 0.6 AIRAM
Unisex bracelet PYTHON 1.5 AIRAMUnisex bracelet PYTHON 1.5 AIRAM
Unisex bracelet SILK 0.6 AIRAMUnisex bracelet SILK 0.6 AIRAM
Unisex brecelet FIBRA FINE 1 AIRAMUnisex brecelet FIBRA FINE 1 AIRAM
Unisex bracelet PYTHON 0.6 AIRAMUnisex bracelet PYTHON 0.6 AIRAM