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The mayor of Arzignano Alessia Bevilacqua thanks Antonio Colladon and OnYou for making Arzignano, a town in the Vicenza area in Italy, once again at the forefront and always in step with the times.
OnYou, in fact, markets a sweatshirt produced with recycled graphite by adopting an industrial philosophy linked to environmental sustainability. Thanks to the live broadcast on Instagram, Matteo the creator of WRÅD and Antonio Colladon explain the project that binds the world of cars (FIAT) and textiles.
It is a revolutionary project with which garments dyed with recycled graphite are made, developed and launched by WRÅD and FIAT to celebrate the launch of the new electric 500.
The WRÅD and FIAT project is to jointly develop an innovative capsule to celebrate the launch of the New 500, an icon of Made in Italy that has inspired change since 1957. A dynamic, innovative and sustainability-inspired collaboration that has triggered unique creative synergies, a manifesto of a new design culture that must become increasingly inclusive, circular and collaborative. A culture of which the new WRÅD x Nuova 500 capsule, launched on 03.12.2020, is an expression.
With the indication of re-imagining the sweatshirt, an iconic FIAT garment, to convey the values ​​of the New 500, WRÅD focuses primarily on sustainability, innovation and technology: the gray tone of each garment is obtained with g_pwdr technology, a process of dye (patented by Alisea Recycled and Reused Objects Design) that recycles otherwise discarded graphite. The graphite powder used to dye the garments gray, a by-product of the production of electrodes also by FIAT, is recovered by the Turin-based company TECNO EDM. Far beyond the product, the project therefore returns value to a precious mineral otherwise discarded, recovering up to 40g of graphite for each garment.
“In keeping with WRÅD's design objectives”, says Matteo Ward, CEO of WRÅD, “we wanted the WRÅD capsule x the new 500 to offer an environmental and social service that transcends the product”. Dyeing with recycled graphite primarily allows WRÅD to fulfill an environmental function, avoiding the trip to landfill to a mineral that can make land sterile. Second, to perform a function for the person since the dyeing with graphite powder, unlike many other processes, is not toxic to the skin. Finally, there is a significant social function because the use of this technology allows you to perpetuate a dyeing tradition that was about to be forgotten. In fact, for more than 2,000 years, from the times of ancient Rome, the community of Monterosso Calabro in Calabria used graphite naturally present in the area to dye clothes. Tradition in disuse since 1940 that WRÅD has rediscovered thanks to the ladies of Monterosso Calabro and re-imagined in a contemporary and innovative way.
Each piece of the capsule for the New 500 is also equipped with a smart label with NFC tag to allow customers to access, at any time, via their smartphone, verified information on its origin and production process. A technology made possible thanks to the synergy with the Brescia-based company 1TrueID.
The first chapter of this capsule was presented starting from December 3rd in important Italian retail destinations, followed in the spring by chapter 2. The first destinations in which it will be possible to discover WRÅD x the Nuova 500 are the physical and online spaces of new and historical partners of the brand, such as Biffi Boutiques and YOOX. The stores involved include: Biffi Boutiques (Milan and Bergamo), Capuzzi Moda (Casoli), Cose (Cremona), (Arzignano), Tozzi Bologna, Rinascente Milano Piazza Duomo, Spinnaker Boutiques (Alassio and Sanremo) and YOOX.
From GreenPea (Turin) the capsule will be available from 9 December, to coincide with the opening to the public.
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