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Perfect suitcase: here's how to fold clothes without ruining them!

Perfect suitcase: here's how to fold clothes without ruining them!

How to fold clothes in a suitcase

Holidays in sight and zero desire to pack? We understand you! Folding clothes in a suitcase is a real nightmare and making everything fit, from clothing, accessories to beauty products, is a challenge. Not to mention the elegant clothes that, once they arrive at their destination, are all creased and therefore immutable. Today at Stylight we want to help you, suggesting some general rules and simple and quick methods to fold clothes in your suitcase without ruining them, as well as some targeted tips. Here they are!

General rules

The choice of the suitcase : make sure it is the right size based on what it will contain and the trip you have to undertake. The trolley, the backpack, the bag must always be proportionate to the type and timing of the holiday.
Before folding the clothes in the suitcase, it is necessary to free up a large space to store everything you want to bring: a crucial phase that helps to decide what is really useful, to avoid throwing random clothes in the suitcase (you do it too, true?)

Try to choose only the essential : once the bag is prepared, if there are empty spaces, you can think of other clothes that could be needed (are we sure?).
The arrangement of the clothes in the suitcase must be decided "a priori": where to start?

You have two choices: either follow an arrangement according to weight , or follow an arrangement according to use . In the first case, the first clothes to fold in the suitcase will be the heaviest ones, then the medium weight ones and finally the lighter ones; in the second one you will be the one to decide which garments to put on the bottom, that is the ones you will use less or at a time after the arrival. For example, if you enter the hotel in the late afternoon, make sure that the cocktail dress you will wear shortly after is on top of your luggage!
Shoes , bags, belts and other accessories must be inserted last, in special bags or to cover any holes created between one dress and the other placed in a suitcase.

Method 1 - Each folded perfectly

Packing your suitcase with each garment perfectly folded can be a good solution for those who travel frequently for work and cannot risk finding even a wrinkle. How to proceed? Just iron each dress to perfection and fold it exactly as if it were to be stored inside the wardrobe. Exerting a final pressure with the iron on each of them before putting it in the suitcase is a trick that allows you to get a few centimeters of space and reduce the risk of various wrinkling. This method of packing is ideal especially for short trips, which therefore require small bags .

Method 2 - Roll dress

If you are especially looking for a method to save space, you can roll up clothing in a suitcase instead of folding it . First, pass your hand vigorously on each garment to smooth each wrinkle and fold it in two, before moving on to the " sushi " phase : at this point, roll up each mini dress , jeans, t-shirt etc. on itself. starting from life. After rolling up the clothes, put them in the suitcase so that the "open" part is resting on the bottom of it; or, arrange them attached to each other to prevent them from unrolling. This method of folding suitcases is particularly suitable for adventure or backpacking trips, which include medium-sized luggageeasy to handle and not very rigid to fill up to the last centimeter. Warning : do not roll up clothes in silk or other delicate fabric because you could not only crease them, but also damage them!

Method 3 - Bassoon

To fold clothes in a suitcase, make an exception to the general rule and start with the items that crease more easily, such as formal suits, maxi dresses and shirts, up to the less delicate or you are not particularly interested. Place them open one on the other in a radial pattern, making sure that the top of each garment is above the one below. Once finished, start folding each dress back into the bundles below : the final result will be a maxi "package" that will easily fit into your suitcase, not to mention that your clothes will not run any risk of being creased. This method is perfect for those who have large quantities of clothes to fold in their suitcases and little space available.

Method 4 - Unfolded

Sometimes getting around the obstacle can be useful: among the methods available to fold clothes in a suitcase, one is not to fold them at all. You just have to insert your clothes into the suitcase one after the other inside, adapting them to the shape of the luggage, one on top of the other. This method is ideal for long journeys and large suitcases , where there are many things to carry and space is never enough: not folding your clothes in your luggage will save you a lot of precious centimeters! Also, in these cases some creases on the clothes on arrival are tolerable, because you will have plenty of time to iron them or hang them on hangers.

Useful tips

How to fold long clothes in a suitcase?

Maxi dresses and elegant dresses should always be packed last. Fold the single garment in two always following the existing line or cut. To be sure not to crease it, place your dress in a sheet of tissue paper or in a protective bag. This way you won't risk ruining it, especially if it has decorations or applications.

How to fold a suit suitcase?

The formal dress is usually very delicate, and for this reason it should be folded as little as possible. All the rules provided for the long dress apply, but in case you want to avoid that the net sign of the crease remains, you can also use this additional stratagem: spread the dress and place a towel or towel on the less worked part, after which fold over the remaining piece of the dress.

How to fold delicate clothes in a suitcase?

The previous rules apply, with a further precaution: you can insert your chiffon dress in a suitcase exactly as it came out of the laundry, that is, on the hanger and in the classic protective plastic cover. Also consider a real clothes hanger for your delicate dress, such as those used for men's suits, if space permits.

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